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This is a beautiful dish for when you have pasta leftovers or when you don’t. Another way to put it, make sure next time you make pasta, have plenty left over. Believe me is worth it, this is a delicious dish!!! your kids will adore you. If you decide not to wait and go ahead and cook pasta, remember that this recipe comes out better with spaghetti because it holds everything better together.


  1. Ham / chopped / 4 tbsp
  2. Mushrooms / chopped cooked / 4 tbsp
  3. Mozzarella Cheese / diced / 4 tbsp
  4. Parmesan Cheese / 3 tbsp for mixture + 2 tbsp for pan
  5. Tomato sauce / your favorite / 6 tbsp
  6. Oregano / 1 tspn
  7. Spaghetti / uncooked / 1 lbs. / Spaghetti / cooked / 2 lbs.

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  • The directions are for one Pasta in Padella at a time. For best results we do not want very thick “patties” no more than 1 in. thickness.
  • You will need a simple flat plate, the flatter the better, the size of the pasta mixture you’re cooking. You will need it to flip the Pasta in Padella around and cook the other side.
  • Use if possible only fresh mushrooms / consider 1 fresh mushroom per tbsp cooked / chop and cook at high heat with some garlic and salt for about 3 min. / done.
  • Use which ever jam you prefer but remember quality always pays off.
  • For the tomato sauce use the brand you prefer.


  1. In a mixing bowl, cut cooked spaghettis in half leaving spaghetti strands fairly long
  2. Add to bowl Parmesan Cheese, Mozzarella, tomatoes sauce, mushrooms, oregano, salt & pepper to taste.
  3. Heat in non stick pan 2 tbsp olive oil / medium heat
  4. Sprinkle pan with 1 tbsp Parmesan cheese and right away pour in the mixture slowly so it falls right over the parmesan.
  5. Press well mixture to bottom of pan
  6. Cook uncovered at medium low heat allowing the internal humidity to dry up and bottom begins to brown and caramelize / aprox. 15min.
  7. Shake pan to loosen mix from pan and lift slightly side to check for nice golden brown color.
  8. Place plate inside pan / flip pan around leaving pattie on dish
  9. Add more Parmesan cheese to pan
  10. Slide pattie back in pan, uncooked side down
  11. Cook for 15 min. or until golden brown underneath
  12. Slide out into plate and serve cut like pizza.
  13. Delicious!!!!
pan-fry-pasta, fried leftover pasta, frying pan pasta recipes, how to pan fry pasta, fried pasta
Crunchy Pan Fry Pasta

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